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HaloForger7 (Vid Admin)

thedon9999 (Comm Admin

DeadBook9(Trial Admin)











buydos (emerald)

CatProductions (Diamond)

Coolnuss (Diamond)

gummybear747 (diamond)

hotwillb (Diamond)

keels123 (Gold)

willy_wonka22 (Diamond)

Xfinder (Emerald)


This list of commands can be used by both Donators and Non-Donators.


Getting basic help and basic commands in-game.

/help [page #] = Shows a brief list of commands.

Setting HomesEdit

Sets a personal home for a user. Limit 1 for non-donators

/sethome [name] - Sets a home

/home [name] - Teleports you to a home

/delhome [name] - Deletes a home


/sethome hi

/home hi = weill then teleport you to where you set the command


Warps you to a warp set by an admin

/spawn - Warps you to spawn.

/warp - Displays a list of warps that you are allowed to use.

/warp [warp] - Warps you to a warp listed above.


/warp phub- will teleport you to where all the server portals are


Shows lists of staff and/or members online

/list - Shows the list of staff currently online.

/who - Shows the list of staff currently online.

Private MessagingEdit

Messaging another player without everyone in chat seeing.

/msg [playername] [Message Text] - Single Message

/msg - Leaves Private Chat and re-joins Global Chat.


/msg carl230690 Hi there how are you today?

AFK (Away From Keyboard)Edit

/afk - Marks you as afk. If used again, will deem you no longer AFK


/vote - Shows the vote link in blue

or click here

TeamSpeak 3Edit

/ts - shows the teamspeak ip

download link for lastest build: click here



/skype - Shows carl230690's skype name

or add carlcraft_owner


/fb - Shows our facebook page link in white


/homepage - show the link to our website in white

website link  click here
Dynmap is a live map of the server it allows you to see who is on and chat it has a 3-D veiw(surface) (like my tv :D) yes i have a 50 inch 3d tv

dynmap view

and a cave map(Cave)so if u like mining use the cave map to find a cave and start!  

and the default 2-D veiw (Flat)

you can see it here: click here 


/time - Displays in-game time.


/rules - Displays the server rules

there is a section here about the rules! 

Money Edit

dollars are the currency of CarlCraft

/bal , /money - Shows amount of dollars you have.

/pay [username] [amount] - Will pay specific player the amount stated

ways of gaining money are selling items to other players and killing mobs

Example:  Edit

/pay carl230690 1000

Server RulesEdit

In Game, the rules can be seen using the command /rulesEdit

As any server with established members,there comes a time where fights happen and many individuals begin to feel they are gods.  This list is meant to show everyone that there are a set of rules to follow.  Many of the offences will be ban-able, others will require kicking, jailing and muting.  Without delay, here are the server rules.  Enjoy and play with respect!

Rule 1: No Griefing Edit

 Griefing is not allowed on this server. Griefing can be defined from breaking blocks that don't belong to you, to killing animals not bred by yourself. Unlimited possiblities. If you think that you can get away with griefing, the mods WILL find out with a faithful plugin named Core Protect.

Rule 2: No Hacking / CheatingEdit

No cheating. Cheating can be interpreted as-to using "hacks", or "mods". Almost all mods that grant you to have an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed. Only a few mods, such as a minimap mod or Optifine, are allowed. However, mods like Xray, Pickpocket, and radars are obviously not allowed. Ask a staff member if you have any questions referring to mods.

Rule 3: No SpammingEdit

No spamming in chat. Spamming chat can be TYPING IN CAPS IN EVERY SENTENCE. Also, typing like this: "affsfsfsdasag" is spamming. Basically, use the chatbox for communicating with other players maturely, and not random, mindless typing.

Rule 4:Respect all StaffEdit

Respect the staff. Don't attempt to mock / argue against the staff. What the mod says goes; remember who has the banhammer.

Rule 5: Speak in EnglishEdit

Speak in English. This server is strictly an English-only server. It's not that we're racist against other people who speak different languages. It's only that English is the most popular and preferred language of the server. If you prefer to speak in a different language with someone in particular, type "/msg (name) (message)."

Rule 8: Don't be AnnoyingEdit

Don't be annoying. This means that it's against the rules to badger people for help, or simply spam them with the "/tpa" command. Building anything or wearing a skin that is offensive towards another person is also considered annoying. Asking for op is against this rule; likely, we've convinced ourselves that there are more PlanetMinecraft admins over the amount of employees at Walmart. Thanks!

Rule 9: Please keep cursing to an absolute minimalEdit

Please keep cursing to an absolute minimal."" Using curse words will result in a kick, mute, or potential ban if it continues. Keep the server clean!

Bannable OffensesEdit


Doesn't matter who when what happened.  If mods find that you are on the CO tool check,

you will be banned. 

Total disrespect to other players and moderatorsEdit

This might seem harsh to some people but quess what?  If a mod asks you to stop

building phallic builds or typing Nazi agenda messages and you tell him to go away; BANNED.

Kickable OffensesEdit

Server advertisingEdit

This is based on moderator discretion.  Some mods will kick the person with a

warning.  Others will be banning you after a warning.  Basically you should not

be advertising servers on a server. 

Chat spam Edit

This one is self-explanatory.  If no one heard you the first time, wait a few

minutes before repeating yourself.  Otherwise kicked with a warning.


Jailed Offenses===

Any one of the above rules. This matters mostly depending on the Offender's reputation, the Mod's ability to deal swift punishment, and the infraction being committed. First time users for most of the rules will be jailed first.  After jailing, which are after constant warnings, Mods will start to ban.

Muting OffensesEdit

Extreme chat spamEdit

Sometimes we feel someone is being a total jerk.  But muting them

would come after kicking them with a warning. 

Server advertisingEdit

Sometimes a Mute then a Ban is executed to make sure this person will

 not be saying anything thing again!!



ChestShops are the current method of buying and selling goods on CarlCraft. The idea is that you place a chest and specify what you are wanting to sell/buy and how much you will sell it for. Users can then come and purchase from your chest shop. Making chest shops is one of the best ways to make money and to sell your goods. To buy from ChestShops you simply right click on the sign above the chest. To sell to a ChestShops you simply left clicks on the sign above the chest.

Materials RequiredEdit

  • 1 Chest
  • 1 Sign
  • Item you wish to sell
  • 5 dollars (Donators are exempt)

How ToEdit

[Pictures will be uploaded soon] These are the basic steps to making a chest shop.

  • 1.Gather Materials- You will need one chest and one sign plus the item you are going to sale.
  • 2.Place Items- Place a chest where you want your shop and place a sign above it.
  • 3.Type information on sign:
    2013-05-25 18.23.41

    example (double click to enlarge)

Skip the first line of the sign. 
On the second line of the sign type the number of the given item you wish to sale. 
On the third line of the sign type in the price for which you want to sell the item for. 
On the fourth line type in the name of the item you are selling. 
NOTE: If the item name is invalid look up the identification number of the item and simply put in the identification number.


[First line blank]
Diamonds (264)

This will create a shop that was selling 5 diamonds for 50 dollars.

  • 4.Now you simply have to place your items in the chest and your shop is ready to go.
  • 5.If you wish to allow others to sell items to you, you add code to the third line of the sign.
Type [amount selling]:[amount buying]
2013-05-25 18.33.36

example2 (double click to enlarge)


This would mean that users can buy the item for 20 and that they can sell the item for 10.

Buy/Sell Enchanted ItemsEdit

(Note: This works for all items, not just enchanted ones)

Obviously you can't fit "Silk Touch I Unbreaking II Efficiency III Diamond Pickaxe" on the single line for an items name, right? Luckily, ChestShop works with Item ID's so you can still sell your enchanted items.

To put it simply, the only thing different thing you have to do is instead of where you would put the item name (i.e. Power I Bow) you would instead put the item's ID (i.e. 261:39-f1). This won't name the enchantment on the sign, so you may wanna make another sign noting what enchantment there is.

To get item ID - simply wield the item you want the ID of and type /iteminfo


  • If typing in the name of the item does not work try using the item id.
    • These links will take you to lists of item ids.

[1] [2]

  • Try placing your shops in areas of high traffic. Freebuild is a great place to get started. Making a shop in a town is also a good idea.
  • It is a good idea to keep all of your shops close to each other. This makes restocking easier and allows your regular customers to see what items you have.
  • Carry a variety of items and make it as cheap as you can. The cheaper you are the more business you will have.
  • Restock often. If you are always out of stock people will stop trying to buy from you and you will lose customers.
  • Watch out for scams. People will often try to hide a decimal on their signs to trick you into selling your items for next to nothing.
  • Be careful at what you allow users to sell to your chests. Some users have lots of resources to sell and you could log on one morning to find yourself bankrupt. 

Protection StonesEdit

Protection Stone are one of the provisions available to all users that allow anti-grief protection on builds. Like towny and factions Protection Stones do not require donation status to use; anyone can purchase a stone using the server currency, dollars. Protection Stones are more limited in their protection than faction plots, but they are also highly flexible and can be placed almost anywhere.

Types of Stones Edit

ProtectionStones Comparison

A visual comparison of coal, lapis, and diamond protection areas, respectively.

The CarlCraft Server supports three kind of protection stone, a Coal ore block, a Lapis ore block, and a Diamond ore Block

Stone Type Protection Area Cost at Mall
Coal Ore 11x11x11 $100

Lapis Ore

21x21x21 $250
Diamond Ore 41x41x41 $500
Emerald Ore 81x81x81 $1000

Note that protection areas are all odd numbers due to the plugin's inclusion of the block itself as a central point. The sponge will protect ten blocks from any direction of the main block, such that any side will be (10 + 1 + 10) 21 blocks.

Using StonesEdit

Once obtained, players may simply place the a Protection Stone in any area that is not currently protected. The areas between Protection Stones cannot overlap. Breaking a protection stone returns the block, so players need not worry about losing a protection stone if misplaced.

Commands Edit

Typing "/ps help" will bring up the following list of commands:

/ps info members|owners|flags|region

  • Displays info pertaining to the underlying WorldGuard region. Some commands are disabled for normal users.

/ps add|remove {playername}

  • Example syntax: /ps add carl230690
  • Adds or removes a player as a Member, with building/switching permissions in the protected area.

/ps addowner|removeowner {playername}

  • Example syntax: /ps addowner carl20690
  • Adds or removes a player as an Owner, with full permissions in the protected area.
  • Currently not available to regular users.

/ps flag {flagname} {flagvalue}

  • Example syntax: /ps flag creeper-explosion deny
  • Sets flags for the WorldGuard region. A full list of flags can be found here.

/ps hide|unhide

  • Visibly hides the stone, so that it cannot be broken and another block can be placed in its location.

/ps toggle

  • Turn on or off the WorldGuard region generated by the stone.
  • Currently not available to regular users.

/ps view

  • Does not do anything, as of PS version 1.8.

/ps region count|list|remove|regen {playername}

  • Region commands reserved for server op use only.

/ps admin reload|version|hide|unhide

  • Commands for admin use only.

All commands only affect the current protection area.

Protection EtiquetteEdit

Though Protection Stones present players the opportunity to protect their own builds from grief, the plugin can also be used for malicious purposes. To avoid bans or other server penalties, follow a few simple guidelines when deciding how to use your Stones.

  1. Avoid using Protection Stones in Faction regions. The permissions for the two areas may conflict, your protected area may extend onto plots that you do not own, and protection stones may be impossible to remove without admin intervention.
  1. Do not add a protected region onto other players' builds. This includes shop regions, where protecting other players' chest shops can prevent them from accessing or removing their own chests.
  1. Protection Stones can be difficult to find and remove once you have left the server or abandoned a build. As a courtesy to the moderating staff, do not leave the stones in hidden/inaccessible locations.

Essential CommandsEdit

New users of Protection Stones should refer to the following list of commands:

/ps add {playername}

  • Useful for giving friends the ability to build in your plots.

/ps flag mob-damage deny

  • Disable damage from mobs.

/ps flag mob-spawning deny

  • Prevent mobs from spawning in your protected region.

/ps flag use allow

  • Allow other players to switch objects (open doors and hit switches) in your protected region.


Modreq is our Ticket system for getting a Moderator's help when none are available. This is meant to be used when there are no Mods or staff on that can help you with your problem. Reminder this is not the way to ask questions, instead this is the way to report griefs, locked chests, protection stones, and so on. 

How ToEdit

Filing a ModReq is super easy! All you have to do is stand where the issue is and type in the command /modreq <What you needed assistance with>

Keep in mind that ModReq is not for simple questions. Instead we recommend that you use /helpop <message> for that!

Example:                                                                                                                                                                           Edit

/modreq There is a protection stone here that needs removed.

/modreq i have been greifed canu rollback please

What it doesEdit

What ModReq does is it sends an alert to Mods when they first log in that you had an issue and that no one could help you. The Mod can then check your issue and do his/her very best to fix it. 

You can find In-Game instructions on how to use /modreq by typing /warp help(Soon)

Donator Perks and CommandsEdit

On this page the commands available to the different tiers of donators are outlined.

Each command is listed and explained in its purpose and possible uses.

For every command a donator level may have, a donator level above it also inherits this perk. (VIPs initially fly; Platinums also fly)

If you are considering donating to the server Click Here .

If you would like to read the terms of service Click Here

This is a list of commands/perks and how to use them. The perks are listed in a more orderly fashion on the donation page. This is how to use the perks and commands.

Iron Donator Perks and CommandsEdit

Cost: $5

What you get:

You get a plot in the donors market, which is protected from all griefers. Ask a Admin or Op to set this up for you.

You also get 4 plots on our creative map.

Change Your Nickname!  /nick [What you want your name to be] = Change your visual username.

Change Your Color off your Name! with the same command as above but with use of colour codes

Fly around Like Creative!  /fly = Turns on or off the ingame fly ability.

a guaranteed entry to the server if full!!!

/d = View available disguises

/d [disguise] = Disguise

/u = Undisguise

Disguise As:

A Chicken, A Baby Chicken

A Cow, A Baby Cow

A Creeper

A Mooshroom, A Baby Mooshroom

An Ocelot, A Baby Ocelot

A Pig, A Baby Pig

A Sheep, A Baby Sheep

Any Color of Sheep

Can set 25 Homes!

/sethome [name] = Sets a home

/home [name] = Teleports you to a home

/delhome [name] = Deletes a home

Create Chestshops for free.

gold  Donator Perks and CommandsEdit

Cost: $10

What you get:

You get a bigger plot in the donors market, which is protected from all griefers.

You also get 5 plots on our creative map.

All Of the Stuff

From Iron plus:

a guaranteed entry to the server if full!!!

God Mode!  /God = Turns on or off the ingame God mode never be killed again.

Disguise As:

A Blaze

A Cavespider

A Enderman

A Squid , A Baby Squid

A Villager , A Baby Villager

A Wolf, A Baby Wolf

A Zombie Pigman, A Baby Zombie Pigman

Can set 50 Homes!

Diamond  Donator Perks and CommandsEdit

Cost: $15

What you get:

You get a huge plot in the donors market, which is protected from all griefers.

You also get 6 plots on our creative map.

All of the Stuff

From Iron and Gold plus:

a guaranteed entry to the server if full!!!

Disguise as Any Mob

Of Any Size!

Disguise as Objects!

Disguise as Vehicles!

Can set 100 Homes!

You Get Creative Mode! =/gm 1 or /gm c or /gamemode 1

You Get Super Pickaxe! =// or / Activates // or / Deactivates Superpick.

Emerald  Donator Perks and CommandsEdit

Cost: $30

What you get:

You get a extremly huge plot in the donors market, which is protected from all griefers.

You also get 7 plots on our creative map.

All of the Stuff From Iron Gold and Diamond plus:

a guaranteed entry to the server if full!!!

Disguise as Any  Player!

Can set ulimited Homes!

Workbench Command

/workbench or /wb = Opens a workbench anywhere, anytime.

Enderchest Command

/enderchest = Open your own enderchest anywhere, anytime

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links mentioned in the wiki Item ID list ProtectionStones on Bukkit Block Data Values Dynmap Address Website Teamspeak 3 download page

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